Nov 15 2011

Electric Flame Scallop

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Nov 11 2011

Puerto Galera

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So far it looks really nice here. Will do some diving. Also this is the first time in 4 weeks of previous vacations (spread over a year) that I experience something other than constant rainfall.

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Nov 9 2011

Guangzhou by night

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Guangzhou is big... really big. The high-speed train first arrives in Guangzhou north station and then continues for another 15 min with up to 300 km/h to reach the Guangzhou main station. Then it still takes a taxi ride of 30 km to reach the center of the city. Guangzhou may not be the prettiest sight during the day but transforms into quite a spectacular show during night time which can easily compete with Shanghai's Bund river promenade.


 The area around the 600 m tall canton tower is particularly worth visiting.

One of my many hobbies: Going on tall buildings.


Nov 8 2011

Wuhan to Guangzhou

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Train station in Wuhan of the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway. With a ridiculously politically correct name 和谐 (harmony) the trains initially went up to 350 km/h. After an incident on one of the other high-speed lines the goverment restricted the speed to 300 km/h. It took 4 hours to reach Guangzhou.


Nov 7 2011


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Next to our hotel was a nice little ancient pavillion.

The only real tourist attraction in Wuhan. The yellow crane tower was first built in 223 AD and inspired hordes of poets to write about is awesomeness.


Nov 4 2011

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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The most amazing thing about the museum is that it is filled with several thousand schoolchildren.